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Maybe you’ve heard about us through friends, or maybe you’ve seen YouTube videos made by some of our very own guards! If you have decided you are ready to make it official, we are ready to guide you through the process!

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24/7 RV Teams supply their own RV and their own partner, live onsite, and take shifts to provide 24/7 security for our clients.

Solo guards live or park their RVs near a project site, commute to the site, and work in 12-14 hour shifts from a guard shack or their vehicle.

Please allow 2-4 business days for a response to your application. This response will come via email.

Meet Some JG Fur Babies!

Meet Some

JG Fur Babies!

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We understand and admire that many full-time RVers like to research thoroughly. Click the links to be transported to informational PDFs and YouTube videos; or continue reading to find out if Gate Guarding with JG is right for you!


Gate Guarding with JG
Its a Good Life RV “A New Gate Guard Company”
Its a Good Life RV “Week 1 with JG Security” 
What does a Gate Guard do


Job Description
What About Singles?
But Where Do We Park


Had a blast at the 2023 Quartzsite RV Show!

Many thanks to all that visited Dora and Ed from It’s a Good Life RV!

houston security companies

Just have a few quick questions?

Get in touch with our Recruiter today! We can provide you with more information, answer your questions, guide you through Onboarding, and more!


Career & Opportunities in J&G

We specialize in providing our clients with high-quality candidates for all their gate guard and security guard needs.

We work with oil field companies, construction sites, agricultural operations, campgrounds, and more.

Career & Opportunities in J&G

What is Gate Guarding?

Gate guarding services are solicited by managers of industrial sites, farms and ranches, construction zones, and even private property to ensure the safety and preserve the integrity of that property, its inhabitants and/or workers, and the assets, such as equipment and/or livestock that may be present. These sites generally have designated entry and exit points (the gate) at which the client would have us appoint gate guards to log visitors, monitor speed, check for hazards, such as spills or unlatched enclosures, and to prevent assets from exiting the property.

JG Security specializes in providing 24/7 onsite gate guarding services to our clients throughout Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and beyond! We employ Work Camping teams (couples, friends, family members, etc.) to fulfill this position, who reside onsite in the comfort of their own RV with their hookups provided! On top of that, they are paid a substantial daily rate!


Calling All Work Campers!

Work Campers primarily find seasonal work in campgrounds and on farms that need help harvesting. Some of this work can be tedious or laborious. Gate guarding affords the Work Camper a work experience as unique as the lifestyle they chose! It is, essentially, ‘A job on YOUR terms!’ It provides Work Campers with a unique combination of benefits with little trade-off: Competitive pay and no living expenses, no commute to and from the work site, and the ability to designate your availability regardless of season! Many of our guards enjoy a variety of hobbies or even have other money-making ventures while out on the gate!


Why Choose JG?

Having been around since 1995, we’ve learned a thing or two not only about the business, but also about the brand of people whose service we primarily enlist. We understand full-time RV life: the quirks that come along with it, the necessity for maintenance and the unexpected bumps of life on the road. Some of our in-house staff, including our Recruiter, are actually full-time RVers! We are very much in touch with the lifestyle and all it entails.

But that’s not all. JG Security strives to provide the best service to our clients by first providing the most fulfillment possible to our guards! Afterall, they are the face of our company to many of those we service! We take extra steps to inform, entertain, and engage with our Work Campers, and are always looking for more ways to connect!


Join Our Facebook Group!

JG Nation is our very own guard-centric Facebook Group, designed to be a hub for our guards to stay connected! But it also serves as a platform for those interested in Gate Guarding to get a glimpse of a day in the life in real time, and of the community that is the JG Family!

Here’s what some of our guards had to say

about working with us!

Here’s what some of our guards had to say about working with us!

Everyone with JG Security has been so friendly and helpful. From negotiating the licensing process and ensuring everything went smoothly, to having a place to stay in the RV yard while awaiting our first assignment the staff has been amazing! At our first gate, the Maintenance guys showed us everything we needed to know to get started and succeed in our duties. Every time we’ve had a question or problem with equipment, they have been quick to get the issue resolved. Lisa and I have enjoyed our time working with JG Security so far. They really do treat you like family. 
Rob and Lisa

“The staff at JG are very helpful and straight forward! They guide you through getting licensed, then take your requests as to how much time you want to commit and which area you prefer. They stay in touch to meet your needs. All in all, excellent company! 
Pam and Robert

This company makes everyone that works for them feel like family! Everyone is so nice and if you need something, they are on it! They keep track of you just to make sure everything is ok at the site. If you’re looking for a great company to work for, you will not go wrong with JG! 
Jeff and Lou Ann