Secure Your Construction Site with Construction site Security Services in Texas

Construction companies simply cannot afford to keep replacing machinery and equipment constantly in case of theft or vandalism. With that in mind, hiring construction site security companies is perhaps the smartest option as it serves as an affordable, effective measure against thefts. JG’s gate guards patrol the area throughout all hours and can discourage criminal activity.

In addition, to protecting your equipment from burglars, JG Security’s guard services also deter trespassers from sneaking about and getting injured around hazardous construction areas. While your company may not be held liable for any injuries sustained by intruders at your site, discouraging them from even setting foot inside is still the best course of action to take.

Our construction site security services dramatically reduce the risk of vandalism and theft through coordinated patrol and surveillance methods. We always have a team of guards on standby, allowing for rapid deployment to your location within 24 hours, even on short notice. You can even remotely monitor the situation on your site through our proprietary Desktop and Mobile App. Protect your construction project and prevent the financial burden of having to replace expensive construction equipment with JG Security.

JG Security’s services are available in the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Odessa Texas areas. We have recently expanded our services to areas located throughout the state of Louisiana as well.

On-Location Guards in Austin, Houston, San Antonio

Why Do You Need Construction Site Security Services?

Construction sites require heavy equipment onsite to complete the work. Unfortunately, it is impractical to move these items from the company’s place of business to the construction site each day and, therefore, most equipment is left unsupervised overnight.

It is more susceptible to theft since most heavy equipment can be linked to a chain that will drag it off-site.

The target for burglars has widened its range in the past decade due to the increased value of some building materials like copper. Copper wiring has increased in price dramatically over the years to a current price of about $2.65 per pound. This holds true for just about any form of metal.

construction site security monitoring

It is crucial to remember that the cost of hiring construction site security services tends to be less than the cost of replacing expensive construction equipment. Even the smallest building projects can contain thousands of dollars worth of items that are susceptible to thievery, considering the fact that many construction projects are not properly enclosed.

Construction companies must employ all measures to prevent the loss of their expensive machinery and other materials, and JG Security is the solution.

Your business is a financial institution. Employ measures to protect its most valuable assets.