Security Services for Solar and Wind Farms in Texas and Louisiana

As the debate about the causes of global warming rages, power companies and private corporations in Austin, Texas and Louisiana are looking more and more at investing in renewable energy facilities.

With fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas being targeted as the main contributors to global warming, solar and wind farms appear to be most the logical power replacement sources. Solar farms are best situated in remote dry desert locations with maximum sunlight. Wind farms with hundreds of giant wind turbines many require hundreds of square miles to operate in.

At JG Security, we provide security for wind farms at all stages of development; from initial site assessment to construction through operation and decommissioning. Our expertise in renewable energy projects allows us to identify potential risks at an early stage allowing you to mitigate them before they become problems. We will work closely with your team during every phase of your project ensuring that we fully understand your needs so that we can make sure you get exactly what you need when it comes time to move forward with implementation or deployment.

JG Security provides our clients with 24/7 live monitoring of their properties, onsite guards, access control systems, video surveillance equipment and more. If you’re looking for a partner who understands renewable energy security issues then give us a call today!

wind farm security
solar farm security

JG’s benefit of human response and expertise make
on-location security for rural areas in Texas and Louisiana the most comprehensive way to protect your holdings.